Technical aspects of ecommerce content marketing

When it comes to the creating a content, you need a content strategy to get started.

It’s all about creating the right content, to the right people, at the right times and for the right reasons.

Here are four aspects of creating a core content strategy statement, based on the strategy by a company named brain traffic:

Substance: what the content is about
Structure: how the content is organized and displayed
Workflow: what people and processes are needed to support content creation and management
Governance: who will decide what, over time, to keep content on-strategy.

Let’s say you are selling a nutritious detox food for women. Here’s how you can break the stuff down:

Generate content ideas based on the detox food mission
Narrow the list based on the target audience
Further narrow the list based on the business goals
Refine the list based on the content objectives.

Add Tied up everything in one core content marketing statement Heading Text Here

Using the example of the detox food for women, you can create a core content marketing statement like this:

At detox food for women, we help increase new and recurring orders by creating, distributing, and managing motivating content that telemarketing lists shows how detox food for women fits into women’s lifestyles.


This idea gives you a better picture of what your content marketing should look. This statement also can help you produce a better direction when creating a content.

Next step should help you with the topic of your content.

You have lots of stuff to write about in the beginning

However, as time goes by, you’ll start running out of ideas. You’ll dreading to come out with the new content.

Don’t worry. Use these content ideas to keep your ecommerce content marketing running for the entire year:

A. Seasonal content – this is something BM Lists you can write about that’s relevant to occasional events only. Depending on your niche, this might be the new fall collection, the latest trends in your industry, the best things to buy from your store as presence for the holiday season, the must have items for vacation etc.

B. Evergreen content – this ever-permanent content offers something you can write that fulfil your audience’s needs. For example, you can write about the products quality, tutorials on how to use your products, technical installation instructions and general advice.

C. Aggregating content – find the most popular content related to your niche, and aggregate together as your content.

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