Creative aspects of ecommerce content marketing

How to guides is the perfect type of content to maximize readership and engagement.

Customers love to know how your product can solves certain aspects and makes their life better.

Here’s how diy ready connects with their readers through a useful, how to guide blog post that relates to thanksgiving (seasonal content)

Giving out free samples is not just a marketing ploy, but it generates leads in such as way that offline businesses do.

Create an opt-in form to get the subscriber’s name and their email address, and make it as your email marketing list so you can send promotions, newsletters in the future.

Survivallife has put several opt-in forms for free samples on their homepage.

Storytelling is one of many ways to create an engaging content

With the user generated content, you spread your content by letting your customers tell their stories on your site.

Gopro has done a brilliant job to build a communities by letting their users to share videos on gopro’s channel. As a result, gopro generates tons phone list of traffic from social media like youtube and instagram.

Video is an easy way to hook people into your content, especially if you sell a beauty product on your ecommerce site.

Luxy hair sells clip-in hair extensions that give you bigger, fuller hair than ever before.

They have a ton of videos on their blog where customers can learn how to pick an exact shade, how to store their extensions, how to clip in the hair extensions, and how to use these extensions with short hair.

Contests work well on social media such as facebook instagram and snapchat

It helps boost followers and increases the exclusive feel for your audience.

Smucker’s did very well with the photo contest that run across instagram, facebook, twitter and their website.


Measuring the performance of the ecommerce content marketing is critical to your business.

Although most businesses tend to look at roi through product sales, there are other metrics you can consider to assess your content marketing efforts:

Number of inbound link and site engagement rate
Start digging your google analytics to see BM Lists the traffic, the number of visits, the most visited sites and so on. Look on what type of content your customers like most. Adjust or change the strategy and restart again.

Number of email list growth
As you churn out the content marketing effort for ecommerce website, you should see the increasing number of email list growth.

This comes from the opt-in form where you create a lead magnet for your ecommerce website.

You will start seeing the value of your content marketing when you keep analyzing your site frequently, and provides the return for your investment.

The success of the commerce content marketing lies on the measurable, predictable practices that placed on every aspects of your business.

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