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There is no doubt that this process will continue to be embrac by fashion. Beauty. And luxury brands – consumers are now looking for ways to connect with brands. Both through understanding their values ​​and through content creatives that they put into circulation on their social channels . Digital is likely to provide brands with the tools ne to connect with a modern consumer in a more authentic way. Supporting physical assets along the way. What is a product launch plan? A product launch plan is a document summary of ideas. Activities and processes us by a company to bring a product to market.

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Interest and attention. The future is phy-digital this year we’ve seen the new phenomenon of digital fashion weeks. But it’s likely that as restrictions ease. Brands will continue to prioritize physical experiences and events. However. It is certain that digital is here to stay. And the future will be a mix of the two . “we plan to keep fashion weeks digital in the future. This is what is happening with the platform and people are asking for content” underlin pascal. This shift business lead  is support by the 64% increase in online content during covid . As well as the widespread acceleration of digital solutions across all industries globally.

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Or who you send the new season’s samples to. “the adventures of zoooom with his friends by virgil abloh” got 2.8 million views in less than four days on youtube . Plus 1.2 million on instagramtv.” making it one of louis vuitton ‘s most popular videos in its entire history. Also demonstrating the potential reach of these activities. The virality of the louis vuitton show only supports the ongoing shift towards social mia and the use of digital platforms to build hype and reach a global audience. This is further strengthen. By digital showrooms and the ability to launch collections to myriad industry professionals. In different markets. At exactly the same time – and at the same time track exactly which products have the most downloads.

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