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Known as “go-to-market”. It is a strategic plan that helps optimize the process to improve efficiency and to ensure that the collection is complet and launch on time. For a new fashion collection. Go-to-market times can range from 3 to 6 months. And with the launch of smaller collections in even shorter times. Brands are finding themselves having to learn new ways to always be cutting ge. Let’s start by studying the 4 phases that make up a product launch plan to better understand its structure: preliminary development phase after the design of a new collection. The design and merchandising teams may disagree on which models should be produc in samples: the designers may be more orient towards their preferr prices.

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While the merchandising team may make a decision bas on a forecast of trends or the price of the garment. Once the final assortment of samples has been decid. Orders are plac for fabrics. Designs and patterns which are sent to a factory for production. Development phase in the factory there are many people working on a single sample: fabric cutters. Embroiderers. Tailors and so on. Usually a sample passes through many different hands before arriving at one of the final steps: a cleaning process to see how the garment “Behaves” after washing. Post-development phase once production is Business database  complete. The prototype sample will be sent back to the design and merchandising teams for inspection. Before being test on mockups . If changes are necessary.

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The relevant notes will be shar with the factory. And after several rounds of changes the design and merchandising teams will choose the final sample that will be present to the public. The final set of samples is display at market week . Where publishers and buyers have the opportunity to view the collection and identify which samples to order for their markets. Usually. This happens before shows or  BM Lists before buyers place their orders. After market week. A brand usually orders the following quantities of samples to start promoting its new collection: 2 sets for sales teams 1 set for photography studio/e-commerce 1 set for public relations/marketing 1 set for product development once the sample sets are ready.

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