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In Other Words The Economy Is Getting Closer To A Global Network Of Digital Twins Of Businesses Selling Digital Twins Of Goods To Digital Twins Of Consumers [5]. The Basic Principles Of Building A Business In The Digital Economy Are Well Reflecte In Technological Trends, Which Were Announce In October 2020 By Experts From The Analytical Agency Gartner [3]: “intelligent Composite Business”, Which Involves Building An Organization From Interchangeable Blocks And Creating Its Architecture, Taking Into Account The Demand For Adaptability And Resilience In Real Time Under Conditions Of Uncertainty. Consolidate The Customer.

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With A Multi-channel Environment. Collection And Use Of Digital Footprints That People Leave In Everyday Life (Internet Of Behavior). Creation Of Cybersecurity Networks Capable Of Organizing A Security Perimeter Around Panama Phone Number List Each User. Hyper-automation Is.  The Transition From.  Task-base Automation.  Through Rpa Technology.  (Robotic Process Automation) To Digitalization Base.  On End-to-end Business.  Processes With Further.  Expansion Of Automation To The Level Of The Business Ecosystem. In Our Opinion, The Trend Towards “composite / Composite Business”[6] Extends Not Only To “business”, But To The Digital Economy.

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Trends Will Also Be Reflecte At Both The Micro And Macro Levels, And Even Though The Global Socio-economic Model Of Humanity Has Not Yet Complete Its Formation, In Any Case, This Is Happening In The Context Of The Three Key Characteristics Of The Modern Environment – Interdependence, Spee And Complexity – And It Is Require A New Global Digital Technological Paradigm That Will Meet These Characteristics And Lay The  Digital Economy BM Lists And Individual Businesses In IDigitization Is The Use Of Digital Technologies To Change The Business Model And Provide New Revenue And Value Creation Opportunities; It Is A Process Of Transition To Digital BusinessThe Digital Economy Is A Form Of Economic Activity That Emerges From A Billion Instances Of Networking Between People, Businesses, Devices, Data, And Processes. The Basis Of The Digital Economy Is Hyperconnectivity, I.e. The Growing Interconnecteness Of People, Organizations And Machines, Which Is Being Forme Thanks To The Internet, Mobile Technologies And The Internet Of Things [deloitte, 2019]. “Image Of The Future” Of The Digital Economy As State Above, In The Digital Economy Of.

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