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Digitally In This New Paradigm: A)l Capitalism To A New Socio-economic Model. [1] The Contours Of The New Model Are In The Process Of Formation, But Arethe Model Of The Country’s Digital Economy – From The “Free Market” To The “Digital State Plan”; B) A New Approach To Commodity Relations In The Digital Economy Is Being Forme, Expresse In Two Aspects: Digital Pair “Supply-demand”; “Digital Twins” As A Subject Of Commodity Relations. Digital Pair “Demand-supply” The Central Object Of The Digital Economy Is A Product (Product, Service, Resource) That Meets The Nees Of Economic Entities (Citizen, Manufacturing Enterprise, City Or Country) Using Digital Tools / Technologies. In A Traditional Market Economy, Goods Are Produce.

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The Manufacturer, Base On His Own Ideas As An Entrepreneur, Taking Into Account Marketing Research. It Is Assume That In Paraguay Phone Number List A Digital Resource-balance Economy, Goods Should Be Produce As A Result Of A Specific Consumer Request, Expresse In Digital Form (The Technology Of “Instant Information Services”). This Approach Provides An Opportunity To Optimize Resources On The Scale Of The Entire Economic System. It Eliminates (Minimizes) The Irrational Use Of Resources For The Production Of Excess Products That Are Not In Demand By The Market – Or That Are Harmful To The Environment. It Becomes Possible.

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Check The Availability Of Resources For A Specific Production Program Of The Enterprise, Corresponding To The Digitize Demand From End Users. [7] In The Traditional Economy, The Manufacturer Purposefully Promotes  The BM Lists Consumer, Trying To Provide Him With The Necessary Properties (Often Embellishing Them). In The Digital Economy Of The Future, A Specific Consumer Expresses His Nee In The Form Of A “digital Twin Of A Product” With The Necessary Properties That The Manufacturer Must Provide (Ideally, “from Wheels”). The Time Between The Expression Of A Nee And Its Satisfaction Is Minimal. Here Are Today’s, Yet Imperfect, Examples: Yandex Go : The Customer Set The Travel Parameters In The Mobile Application, Presse The Button, And Five Minutes Later The Car Was.

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