Balancing Efficiency And Sustainability

Of Goods In The Digital Resource-balance Economy Of A City, Region, Country, Community Of Countries (Eaeu, Brics, Etc.). P.). “Digital Twins” As A Subject.  Of Commodity Relations.  In The Digital.  Economy, Nearby; In Addition.  The Application Immeiately.  Offers Alternatives – If Public.  Transport Is Faster Than By Car, Or If A.  Taxi Is A Long Wait Or Expensive.  And There Is A.  Sharing Car Nearby; ­ Purchase On Ozon : The It Becomes Possible To Flexiblycommodity (And A Resource For Its Production) Is Not A Material And Material Embodiment Of An Object, But Information.

About Its Ontology And

Technical And Economic Parameters (A Digital Twin). Those. The Subject Of Civil Circulation, Within Which Money Is Paid, Is Information About The Product (Digital Twin Of The Product), And The Product Itself Is A Form Of Fulfillment Of Obligations Peru Phone Number List Under A Previously Conclude Transaction, The Subject Of Which Was The Digital Twin Of The Product. As A Result, The Production, Logistics And Personnel Competencies Of The Subjects Of The Digital Economy Should Be Adaptive, Easily Customizable Components Of The Digital Twins Of These Economic Entities (Composite Business – In Gartner’s Terminology). We Will Talk More About The Idea Of ​​a Composite Business And The Image Of Business In The Digital Economy Of The Future Below.

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What It Takes To Move

Your Business Into This Digital Future The Pandemic Has Highlighte Vulnerabilities In Business Models That Have Been Efficiency Driven For Years And Prepare For One Type Of Future. Now, Organizations Have Come To Nee To Plan For Multiple Futures, . [9] A Composite Structure Allows A Business To Be Efficient And, As Necessary, Realign And BM Lists  Reorient Itself In Response To External (Or Internal) Factors, Such As Changing Customer Values ​​or A Sudden Change In The Supply Chain Or Materials, Recognition Of New A Of The Principles Of A Composite Business Base On An Ontological Digital Platform [13], Which Has A Super-system Architecture And Allows You To Build A Business As A Composition Of Independent Modules – “Atomic Microsystems” And “Instant.

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