Frequently asked questions that should appear in the FAQs of your online store

Frequently asked questions that should. I take advantage of the email I just sent to a Beguerilla customer about frequently asked questions in an online store. It is a topic that I have touched on from different angles but until now without publishing an entry with a list that contains some specific examples of questions that should not be missing in any online store. 


Why does a store need an FAQ section Frequently asked questions

Anyway, before proceeding with the questions, let’s analyze for executive data a moment the importance of FAQs . In the end, time is worth money and we have to be very clear about what we use it for. Adding frequently asked questions to your online store does not guarantee sales . At the same time, not putting them in can be a significant barrier for undecided potential clients who need a last push to get their credit card out. Think about the concept of FUD . If you don’t know this entry, take a look at it before continuing reading.


The most frequently asked questions of your online store

The doubts that you will find below BM Lists are not a complete list of all the possible questions that your clients may have. It is more of a selection that you can use as a base. Each business has its peculiarities so it is advisable to adapt them for each case . Shipping FAQs How much is the shipping? How long does shipping take? How can I check the status of my order.

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