How to organize a lead capture campaign for this Black Friday

How to organize a lead capture campaign for.  In case you hadn’t heard yet. Next week is Black Friday. It falls on Friday the 24th this year to be more specific. It is one of the highest billing days of the year. If you have an online store you want to be prepared. Both in my own projects and in those of our clients at Beguerrilla we are preparing a prior lead capture campaign .


Advertise Black Friday discounts on networks How to organize

How to organize a lead capture campaign for.  We are already starting to announce on social networks company data that we will be on Black Friday . It’s about creating expectations, generating curiosity, etc. People are very fishy so it is easy for them to forget about you. They first think of big brands that have more budget to be present in people’s heads. Even with a more modest budget, small actions can be carried out that make a difference. If you are good at segmenting with Facebook Ads you can impact your target audience very precisely.


Launch lead capture campaigns for this Black Friday

Just Facebook Ads is one of the tools BM Lists that helps you achieve results with a small investment. To make sure they don’t forget you, you have to be able to send them a reminder (or even several). The hook is simple. It’s being the first to get a significant discount on an offer that excites you. 

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