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If you sell things then it is better to pay attention to sizes seasonality and materials. In the case of pasta you can add subsections by shape (“feathers” “noodles” “shells” and others). Country of origin dishes (lasagna pasta frittata navy style and others) packaging weight. As a last resort you can look at the structure of competitors in order. To roughly understand how it will all look in practice. The catalog structure is determin by the assortment. But at this stage we must not forget about seo. Ranking occurs according to a certain algorithm and the place in the search results is influenc.

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By the quality of content usability behavioral characteristics of customers and other important factors. You ne to work with structure and seo carefully but the development of these.  important problems. Live sections of the online mobile app development service store live sections of the online store information in product cards on the home page and other web pages is rarely updat. Therefore it is recommend to go all-in by adding a blog reviews and live comments. A blog is a constant update of information; it will attract both target customers and users searching for an answer to a specific question to the site.

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Relevance. Regular publication of informational articles on a blog is a clear demonstration that the site is active. With the help of a blog you can significantly increase the popularity of an online store as well as its cribility. Organic traffic . A blog will help BM Lists bring organic traffic to your site which will have a positive impact on your ranking positions.  with keywords for example “buy a faucet” is a commercial request and “how to install a faucet with your own hands” is an informational one.

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