In articles publish on the blog

In articles publish on the blog you should place links to products from the catalog; you can supplement the information section with reviews of new products and other but no less useful information. The links will lead to transitions to commercial pages which can lead to a significant increase in sales. Conversion. By studying informational articles the client is convinc of his expertise – the first contact is establish which may end in concluding a deal. To do this you will supplement blog articles with links to the catalog and other sections.

In not only design or seo are relevant

The “blog” “reviews” or “news” section as well as live comments add to the online store regularly is one of the most important trends of . Compliance with feral laws compliance with feral laws the owner of an online store must not only sell and advertise but also mobile app designs service be responsible for the safety of users. But also strict compliance with laws. Just – years ago the e-commerce sector was poorly regulat but today the situation has chang dramatically for the better. The following laws are of interest to a business owner -fz amendments to which were adopt in . Regulates special online cash registers that significantly simplify and spe up the process of transferring data to the tax service.

The online store receives data

Ensures transparency of calculations and reporting eliminates various shadow schemes; feral law- “on personal data”.  from its customers for example when they enter their delivery address. You ne to make sure that before BM Lists transferring information the client reads the “privacy policy” section and then gives permission to process the data by checking the empty box. An automatic checkbox cannot be check; a person must perform this action himself. Online stores conduct commercial activities.

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