Introduction to custom dimensions and metrics

Tell me something: How are you doing with web analytics? Good? Fair enough? Very Doris? But what are you saying! Surely it’s just your impression and. Introduction to that you know more than you think or… maybe it’s just that you see it as too complex. Could be? Look, something similar happened to me. I thought it was too complex to address at that time and I knew that, at some point, work or my needs , not biological, you understand, would lead me to have to face it . And so it has been! There comes a time when you start working with people better than you, who ask you for really cool things ( I know, I’m a bit Leticia Sabater ) and you start to see practical application and the need.

To delve much deeper into

This topic that, if If you allow me, it’s more exciting than watching Sex and the City all at once . Word. So here I am, in the middle of a self-taught master’s degree in executive email list digital analytics, looking forward to sharing a little of this passion with you. Specifically, a concept that can be very useful: custom dimensions and metrics . For my part: I promise you that you will finish the post having understood what dimensions and metrics are in Google Analytics and what custom definitions are. Plus, you will have smiled at least once.

For your part: you have to read the entire post without questioning. I’m sorry. Ah! And you have to be able to imagine without closing your eyes. Because if you close your eyes, you can’t continue reading and we’ll screw it up. Do you catch? In short, 10 minutes of your time in exchange for being able to act as When you meet with this specialist, he tells you that his service not only consists of counting.

The people who attend your Introduction to

Stand but also writes down other information such as the time, sex, hair color and height of each attendee. In addition, it is capable of identifying whether a person is BM Lists coming for the first time or is repeating. Are you going to try to convert customers into visits? Yeah! (you answer), those who want can come to this table to fill out their information. AHA! The specialist responds. Well, every time I see someone sit there I will note that they have become a customer .

Then, the specialist continues, you can ask me anything about it , such as, for example, the number of attendees by hair color, the average height of attendees by sex, or even whether more men or women have ended up becoming clients. But you need more than normal Chachi! You tell him with contained euphoria. A world of possibilities begins to open before your eyes.

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