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Will be the brands able to build strong brand equity and be able to communicate their success stories to the market. For further analysis of beauty industry data. Download our latest report below: marketing reset hub by giustina ciccariello giustina is passionate about fashion. Marketing and electronic music. At launchmetrics you hold the role of digital marketer for the madrid team. About her a tireless digital nomad. In her free time you will find her discovering new places around the world. Linkin instagram let’s talk about it share your experience and opinion on the topics with us by filling out the form below. Your comment here…

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As it also allowengage a wider audience through real madrid. As markets continue to recover. What will be critical for brands will be to closely monitor consumers’ evolving behaviors and values . Otherwise they risk alienating those already loyal. Furthermore. The beauty industry will have to consider the possibility of implementing campaigns and creative initiatives that align with the values ​​that underpin each individual consumer but also the brand itself . If they want to maintain a positive vision of how their image is perceiv . b2b leads  Ultimately. Those who understand that this recovery period is not a short-term process. But rather a long-term one.

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To put this in perspective. The industry segment average for partners is 3%. Real madrid creat content that generat visibility for the beauty brand through fun and engaging posts for the football team’s fans. Nivea’s top post – the second overall top post for this segment in april 2020 – generat a total of $826.000 in miv® and was a contest publish on real madrid’s instagram profile. Encouraging BM Lists  fans to submit a photo of their t-shirt collection to win not only an official shirt. But also a selection of nivea products. Understanding that consumer interests during the lockdown period had shift to entertaining content. This initiative prov to be extremely positive for the brand.

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