Consider When Dealing With Key Opinion

Collectively. Both levels of influencer voice account for 78% of influencer voice . The beauty brand invest in live broadcasts on instagram with these key opinion leaders to provide reviews and recommendations on beauty products and. In particular. The results of their “28-day serum challenge”. I.E. The results obtain using a serum from the brand for 28 consecutive days. Premium beauty – the kkw beauty case as already mention. Brands in the premium beauty segment have suffer much more than luxury and mass brands. However. Success stories in this segment include kkw beauty which was one of the few names to record a spike in miv®. The brand generat a total of $71.3 million in mia impact valuetm in the first quarter of the year – a growth of 32% from 2019 to 2020 . Looking at the data.

Kols is Just as Different

Kkw beauty. Own by kim kardashian. Had an average miv® per post of $46k. Which is one of the highest averages for a premium beauty brand. The majority of posts at the top of our kkw beauty analysis were made by kim herself. With the number one post generating $1.1 million in miv®. The instagram video featur a step-by-step guide to her work. Starting with a peek at her at-home beauty routine bas exclusively on kkw products. This not only provides a true testimony of the founder of the beauty line. But also demonstrates how valuable it can be to exploit the face behind the brand. And in this current landscape fans b2b email list  are really looking at the “real” content provid by these authoritative figures. Mass-market beauty – nivea’s strategy as a segment.

The Way Content is Created and Shared

The mass market saw a decline of 8% yoy. But one brand that was truly able to capitalize was nivea . During the first quarter the brand’s miv® increas by 22% compar to 2019; however.  BM Lists If we look closer. The data indicates that during the month of april nivea record the most value. With an increase of 78% yoy . While most mass brands chose to leverage own mia channels during the pandemic. Nivea achiev a phenomenal 26% by leveraging its long-standing partnership with soccer club real madrid . Which was a key factor in the their evolution during the month of april.

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