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Architecture base on ontological models gives businesses the opportunity to organize the synergy of various technologies, people and management approaches.  workflow, work of the SSC, etc., launch it and further, in evolutionary mode, to perfectly fit the solution to the nees of the business. Competitive advantages of Comindware Designing applications in a graphical eitor from a browser by a business analyst; Flexibility of the system – adding fields to forms, steps to a process, etc. – without stopping the system; Compliance with the generally recognize international standard BPMN 2.0; The ability to build a process architecture of an enterprise and visualize.

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The links and relationships between processes; The ability to implement both process applications and applications for accounting and reporting; Built-in graph DBMS – storing data in the form of a tree of objects and their relationships.Results of the Buy Bulk SMS Service CNews conference “Robotics of business processes 2021″ 05/26/2021 On May 20, 2021, of the most important BPM -industry events in 2021, the CNews conference ” Business Process Robotization 2021 “. As part of the event, Comindware made a presentation on the limits of applicability of RPA technology and the role of BPM in the hyperautomation trend , announce by Gartner analysts. Presentation of the Comindware report: Download [2.50 MB] The event IT market, process offices of leading Russian companies.

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IT directors and CIOs of enterprises in various business areas. The presentation was made by Comindware and 12 other domestic experts in process management and digital transformation. During the presentation, Anatoly Belaichuk, BPM evangelist at Comindware, spoke about the possibilities and limits of applicability of RPA technology, substantiate BM Lists the nee to combine RPA with artificial intelligence, with BPM, process mining. The speech of  interest and launche a discussion about which combinations of technologies so far only look promising, and which ones are quite ready for practical application.  BelaichukThe path of further development is intensive not even more robots.

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