Solution and optimization of the business

Evolutionary development of the process. An example of implementing a business.  Process management system A large trading.  Company launche a project to open.  Stores of its network. Increasing the number of outlets Speeing up the discovery . Project objectives: Transfer the entire network.  To a single information platform.  Open at least 100 outlets across the.  Country per year, Accelerate the spee of information.  Exchange in the process of collaboration. Streamline the business process of opening outlets. The implementation of the task; mismatch of desires and  platform for building applie business applications by business analysts. An innovative of the solution took about 6 months, the project was implemente and the changes.

Process make the process transparent

Were introduce already in the process of full-flege work. This is one of the significant advantages of low-code platforms, which allow them to be configure quickly by an in-house analyst, by attracting third-party developers and, often, without Whatsapp Mobile Number List the help of an IT department. In less than a year, the implementation showe the following results: The organization receive a single information space to accompany the process of opportunities; departmental inconsistency. Why Consider Comindware Software? Comindware Business Application Platform – Low-code BPMSopening retail outlets with an up-to-date business process diagram that can be finalize as neee; New employees start full-flege work immeiately.

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Goals of business process automation

The time for their briefing requires a minimum amount of time; Employees take the initiative and themselves offer options for improving and optimizing the configure business process. The scheme can be calle complex, it is divide into 11 sub-processes BM Lists and includes more than 200 tasks, but its participants regularly find ways to make it simpler and even more effective; Unifie storage of documents and all necessary information. For each task, the executor has access to the information obtaine at the previous steps of the process; Processes have become transparent – each task displays its status, time spent, expenses, and other information. outlet opening sheet Common Mistakes When Implementing Business Process Management Systems incorrect statement.

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