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Time to implement the business process. It also differs in the accuracy of the result. Often, projects to optimize business processes.  In enterprises fall into the realm of “art” and reasoning at the level of common sense. In order for the optimization of business.  Processes to be a completely clear and understandable technology, it is worth applying the best practices for organizing this kind of activity. The scope of this article does not allow a deep consideration of the practices already develope by BPM experts for building and maintaining business process optimization projects, therefore, here we present only the main optimization steps, for a general idea: steps for optimizing business processes Pros and cons of business.

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Process automation Advantages increase the spee of performing the same type of tasks; improving the quality of work; improving the accuracy of control; simultaneous execution of tasks; high spee of decision-making in standard situations. Flaws: possible interference in perception at the initial stage; when developing business process Fax Lists models, mistakes can be made that will adversely affect the future result; possible development of models. Which companies are suitable for the implementation of business process management systems The introduction of BPMS will provide an opportunity to obtain a number of benefits that have a positive impact on the future activities of almost any company, regardless of its status, size and specialization.

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The implementation of the system will be useful if the company continues to describe business processes on paper. This leads to their decentralization and disunity. As an organization expands, the nee to use BPMS is driven by the fact that the complexity and workload of employees increases. In addition, developing companies increase the burden BM Lists on the IT team. The use of Low-code BPMS will help relieve this service, providing  to solve actual business problems and, if necessary, change the business logic of previously create systems. BPMS is also useful for those companies whose functional units use different IT systems, which leads to data duplication, difficulties in data exchange and control over the transfer of responsibility for achieving results between company employees. The BPMS system plays.

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