Optimizing Mobile Shopping Experiences

Optimizing Mobile This initiative, a pioneer in Europe, brings together Mail Providers (ESPs).With more than 25,000 mailboxes. Its objective is to find solutions and consensus proposals to effectively fight against spam. This Council is part of the project created in order to seek proposals for the Quality of e-mail. The first meeting of this council took place on the 22nd. At the Ministry of Science and Technology. With the attendance of Acens, Arrakis, Arsys, MSN, Ono, Red.es, Terra, Telefónica, Wanadoo and Yahoo.

Email Providers is Establishede

The only requirement to participate with voice and vote in this. Council was established job function email list to manage more than 25,000 email accounts. It was also decided that the organizations with regulatory. Powers (Ministry of Science and Technology and Data Protection Agency). The agents involved in the fight against Spam (AUI, Correos, AECE. and the sponsors of the PePi-II project participate with voice but without vote.

First Conference on E-mail Quality

The Council will meet monthly and its objective is to debate and find proposals to fight against. Email abuses BM Lists in a consensual manner Establish procedures and information channels that expedite. The resolution of incidents and have. A voice and representation in international forums. Coinciding with. The celebration of Mundo Internet 2004. The Madrid Conference Center will host A conference on Mail Quality and the fight against Spam next Thursday, February 12.

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