The Rise of Shoppable Social Media Posts

The Rise The number of unwanted advertising emails has reached a record level: the proportion of spam has increased from. 7% in 2001 to 52% last December, as announced by European. Commissioner Erkii Liikanen, which is why he appeals to the international cooperation against spam. This type of email is not only annoying but also costly. The European Commission cites studies. In which productivity losses. Due to spam are valued at around €2.5 billion, and that is before its recent increase.

The Brussels

Authorities want to contain the spam problem through a package of measures. Which would include better informing email database the user and improving programs to filter emails. Furthermore, EU countries should impose effective sanctions on senders. But unfortunately, eight member states (including Germany). Have not yet implemented the EU anti-spam guidelines. Liikanen clarifies. According to these. Which should have come into force in all member states at the end of October 2003.

The European Commission Wants to Harness

Comply with at least three basic rules: have prior authorization from the recipient. Include a reply address BM Lists to unsubscribe and Do not falsify the identity of the sender. Additionally, Liikanen warns senders against collecting addresses without the recipient’s authorization. Which is “no longer lawful. Experts from all over the world debate.The current situation of e-mail and its future. On the other hand. Those responsible for managing the email servers that exchange.

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