philosophers and sociologists such as

by philosophers and sociologists such as Michel Maffesoli, and who see in the postmodern world a return of paganism in new forms and therefore also an  dualisms -modern, which cause a split between the world as it is and as it should be. This game of clear antinomies is generated precisely by humanist thought according to Marchesini, who wants at all costs to differentiate the human condition from the non-human one. whether it is non-human (animal or machine) or inhuman (certain predicative structures ). There is a pure, uncorrupted identity, to be purified, ordered, and which constitutes man’s greatest

aspiration, in contrast to what is impure

aspiration, in contrast to what is impure, chthonic, telluric, which instead of allowing an ascent muddy, mix, retain, lower. Hence the griminal physiognomy, all ways to diverge from the impure. Rather than proceed in an integrative manner towards otherness.  stripping  dichotomy Amon posthuman thought and transhumanism. And which must be overcome for Marchesini, there is that between nature and culture . Nature loses its characteristic Business Email List   of fixity . But is understood as continually evolving, opening up to the themes that we will frame in the next paragraphs, namely the overcoming of essentialism.  Becoming and evolutionism.

Nature is no longer opposed to culture in the

her is it conceived as inclusive or as a nature opening towards the transcendent.  In the manner of the pre-moderns ( physis ). Nature as a pluriverse. As twentieth-century mathematics and science suggest redundancy, from which hybridizations and strange actors flourish. Culture. However.  Is no longer understood as the instrument  BM Lists with which man dominates nature, based on the ne to purify himself and elevate himself comparto it. In the manner of the humanists; but rather as the ability to adapt on the part of a complex

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