Posthuman thought: beyond

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Posthuman thought: beyond humanism Unlike transhumanism, which aims to enhance  ed human faculties through the use of biotechnology, genetic engineering, nanotechnologies, prosthetics and artificial intelligence, man/machine hybridizations, etc., posthuman thought, on the other hand, aims to
Posthuman thought and the anthropocene The

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Anthropocentric Question Is Seen as Fundamental

anthropocentric question is seen as fundamental by posthumanists. Starting from the Renaissance, in fact, in the various areas of knowledge and human lifeed . From the arts, to science, to philosophy, man is plac. at the center of all things. Becoming the lord of all things, including nature and animals (considered merely mechanical beings). It will be Descartes who will present the difference between res cogitans and res extensa , in which man is endowed with res cogitans as well as res extensa , and therefore is in all respects B2b Leads a central being, capable and able to use for the its good is the res extensa 1 . Added to all this is the notable industrial activity starting from the first revolution.  And even before that the thirst for conquest which, starting

European man to subjugate disparate peoples

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disparate peoples and cultures, and to interveneed.  in new contexts him strangers. More generally, if great wonders began with the Renaissance. Accompanying the history of man with the , in particular those due to the arrogance with which man places himself towards natureevolutionary era where man’s actions cause an onceived and inconceivable in ecosystem processes – man as new telluric force (cit. Antonio Stoppani 2 ). Return to index Posthuman thought: beyond dichotomies and the myth of purity One of the greatest BM Lists    problems raised by Marchesini and which posthuman thought takes on is that of overcoming dichotomies . It is a question that is linked to our other previous writings on the new postmodern conception of reality, hail

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