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an identity of Purity With pure, uncorrupted, to be purified, ordered, and which, in contrast to what is impure, chthonic, telluric, which instead of allowing an ascent muddy, mix, retain, lower. Hence the generation of the myths of purity, with the consequent hygienism, racism, eugenics, criminal physiognomy, all ways to diverge from the impure, rather than proceed in an integrative manner towards otherness, stripping oneself of superstructures rather than accepting cross-breeding , redundancy3.

Renaissance, in fact, in the various areas

possible to trace human behavior, and give a new direction to human behavior. A direction that opens up B2b Email Lis  to otherness, to the non-human, animal or machine, for an ontopoiesis, which aims not at the purification of the world, in the manner of humanists, essentialists and anthropocentrists, but rather at a continuous getting dirty with the world, towards new posthuman forms. Posthuman thought and the Anthropocene The anthropocentric question is seen as fundamental by posthumanists. Starting from the Renaissance, in fact, in  b2b email list the various areas of knowledge and human life, from the arts, to science, to philosophy, man is placed at the center of all things, becoming the lord of all things, including nature and animals (considered merely beings

Through the observation of animal behavior it is also

B2b Email List

build a real conception of the world and reality, which goes beyond humanism. For posthumanism it is above all fundamental to overcome anthropocentrism.  And for this reason posthumanist philosophers often see in transhumanism a hyperhumanism, a simple going beyond the limits of the human.  while remaining, however.  In the anthropocentric paradigm. And therefore with man who is allowed everything. Even to exploit nature, and in unimaginable ways this time. Among the leading philosophers of posthuman thought, we mention the ethologist Roberto Marchesini, in particular with Post-Human [1]. It is precisely through applied ethology, a multidis ciplinary approach to the science  BM Leads of the animal world.  That Marchesini establishes the directives of his posthumanist philosophy. Through the observation of animal behavior it is also

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