Popular Techniques for Writing Headlines for Your Ads on Google Adwords

Maybe you all know and have learned how to set up an ad in google adwords, but when you enter the part to write the ad sentence. Especially when it comes to writing google adwords headlines, many are stuck. I have also experienced this.

Okay. This article I am writing is one of the 4 basic techniques that I often use to write google adswords headlines and through this technique you can also use it as a/b testing to test which headline gets more clicks.

please use this guide if you get stuck.

I took an example of a product to make it easier for you to understand. I took one of my friend’s products who sells goat milk and the brand is lennoza. (the best goat milk brand that I highly recommend compared to other brands. Seriously) example –> you sell the product “Lennoza original goat milk”

First technique use targeted keywords in your headline

Keep using the keywords you want. It will look like an organic listing on the google search engine in the eyes of potential prospects.

Second technique: write in question form.
Headline : looking for lennoza natural goat milk?

Many prospects also search by phone lists writing things like “How”, where”, “What”… Headlines in the form of questions can capture the attention of your prospects…

Third technique: continue to give offers to prospects.
Headline :

Lennoza natural goat milk free shipping
Lennoza natural goat milk 50% off.
If there is a lot of competition… By continuing to give offers.. You get more attention than other ads selling the same product.

Fourth technique: enter the location.

Lennoza original goat milk in shah alam

There may be prospects who want to find a seller close to their place so that they can self-collect the product.

The above is just your guide for those BM Lists who are stuck writing adwords headlines, there may be better tips, but what is important is that you need to do an a/b test on every ad you make. Create 2 set ads where the headline and description are different but the same product in the same campaign.. Let the ad run for a week or two… And look at the ctr and conversion… Stop the ad with low conversion and ctr… Create a new ad with the headline and the new description.. Repeat the process until you feel you have reached the optimal level of your ad. Besides that you can also use the puntuacte ads technique to.. Enter dynamic keywords and also add ads extension.

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