Is it better to sell a branded or unbranded product on Amazon

In our Amazon project we are facing a small problem: we are running out of stock . A priori this is even a good thing because it means that we are selling. Despite receiving only 10 visits to the product page yesterday, we achieved a sale. This morning we had another one and I imagine there wasn’t much more traffic (statistics always appear 24 hours later). 

Advantages of selling a branded product Is it better to sell

Advantages of selling a branded product To start we have started industry email list buying from an importer with an existing brand. It is not the best known on the market either, but within the world of hair salons it has established itself. Now this supplier seems to have stock problems which is now affecting us drastically. The reasons why we have started this way are the following.It seems that only the fact of already being in the fourth or fifth position (it usually varies) under “professional hair dryer” generates these results.

Advantages of selling an unbranded product on Amazon

Advantages of selling an unbranded product It can also be an advantage to sell a product without a brand or with a very little-known brand, although at first glance it may not seem that way. Greater freedom over product communication and marketing When you sell a brand you don’t have complete freedom over prices or how you use the brand and images.

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