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Employees In The Supply Department By Three-quarters. In Most Cases, Reengineering Involves A Long And Difficult Path For The Development Of A Company, But If It Goes Through, It Can Achieve Really Noticeable Results. Conventional Modernization Or Reengineering? It Would Seem That Both Lead To Similar Results: An Increase In Efficiency Indicators, An Improvement In The Operation Of The Enterprise. But The Difference Is Very Significant. Simple Modernization Usually Concerns Individual Elements – For Example, The Technical Equipment Of A Warehouse. It Is Carrie Out Relatively Quickly (A Couple Of Weeks Will Be Spent On The Installation Of Equipment). The Work Of The Warehouse After That Accelerates, But Does Not Change Significantly: The Same Actions Simply Spend Less Time. Reengineering Involves A Different Way.

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Of Thinking That Does Not Rely On Existing Structures And Processes In The Company.the Task Here Is To Optimize Business Processes, Base On What Is Important For The Client. In The Same Situation With A Warehouse, It May Turn , It Would  Warehouse Or Use Even More Unexpecte Solutions. Business Process Reengineering In Practice At The Very First Stage, Specific Tasks Are Set. It Is Clear That The Final Goal Of Each Company Germany Phone Number List Is The Same – To Get More Profit. However, You Can Increase Profits Both By Generating More Income And By Reucing Costs, There Is No Difference. Therefore, While Maintaining The Main Goal, Specific Tasks Are Set : An Increase In The Number Of Customers, Or An Increase In The Number Of Requests From Each Client, Or A Reuction In Costs.

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For Specific Processes – For Example, The Delivery Of Products To Stores. The Correct Formulation Of The Problem Is Extremely Important. “increase The Capacity Of The Truck Without Increasing Its Dimensions”, “reuce The Cost Of Maintaining The Accounting Department Of 46 People” – Tasks That Are Unsolvable By Definition.  More Cargo In One Flight, Then Ideas May Already Come: Use Several Cars, Or A Car With A Trailer. In The Case Of Accounting, The Solution May Be Outsourcing Of Accounting Services Or A Significant BM Lists Transformation Of The Work Of The Department, Or Partly The Replacement Of Employees And Software.  Problem Areas. Next Comes The Construction Of An Ideal  Implementation, For Example, A Bpm System. What Is Require For Successful Reengineering.

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