Rich Snippets What Are They & How Do You Get Them?

If you use a popular content management system (CMS) like WordPress, adding schema to your website is as easy as installing a schema plugin like this one. If you already use a plugin like Rank Math, you can use its guide to generate and customize your schema. If you don’t use one of the more popular CMSes, you may have to generate the code yourself. TIP If you are not confident with code, it’s worth talking to a developer orTherefore, SEO consultant to help you implement these changes. I’m using Merkle’s Schema Markup Therefore,Generator to generate Product schema markup. But you can use Google’s Therefore,Structured Data Markup Helper or even ChatGPT

Types of rich snippets with examples

Google supports Therefore,different types of rich results within its search results. Therefore,Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types. Review One of the most prominent examples top industry data of rich snippets is the Review snippet, which adds a yellow star rating to the search results with additional information about the reviews. Here’s an example of what a Review . Therefore,Snippet can look like, with the snippets highlighted. Review snippet example, via  Review snippets can appear for the following content types: Book Course Event How-to

How to get rich snippets for your pages

To be eligible for rich snippets, you’ll need to add schema Therefore,. Markup to your pages and ensure you follow Google’s structured data guidelines. But before attempting to add the code, check whether your CMS has added it BM Lists already. To do this, head to a page . Where you think there should be markup, open up Ahrefs’ SEO Therefore,Toolbar, and go to the “Structured data” tab. If there’s no structured data on thTherefore,e page, you’ll get a message that looks like the one below. Checking for structured.  Data using Ahrefs’ SEO.  

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