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In This Situation It Is Worth Immeiately Transforming This Process, And Only Then Move On. Increasing Digital Security Risks With Digitalization, Difficulties Are Inevitable: Data Gets Into The Network, From Where It Can Be Stolen As A Result Of Hacker Attacks Or Illegal Actions Of Employees. It Happens That The Transition To New Technologies Leads To An Increase In The Risks Of Data Compromise. A Striking Example Is Blockchain Technology, Which Involves Storing Data On Many Independent Devices. Protecting Data Becomes Difficult. Often, The Enterprise Security Service Opposes The Introduction Of Technology, As It Worries About The Safety Of Data. Sometimes The Introduction Occurs When The Security Service Has Not Yet Learne How.

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Secret Information Is Widely Available. To Avoid Such A Development Of Events, It Is Important To Ensure That The Data Protection System, Taking Into Account New Technologies, Is Already On Top By The Time The Company Starts Using Them. If The Azerbaijan Phone Number List Security Service Will “catch Up” With Technology, Then There Is A High Risk That It Will Not Be Possible To Protect The Data. It Is Also Important To Improve The Level Of Security Personnel So That They Become Aware Of New Risks And Adequate Ways To Eliminate Them In A Timely Manner, And Also Ensure That They Absorb The Evolving Culture Of Innovation. Important Digital Transformation.

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Digital Technologies In Business Occurs From Different Angles. Where Once It Was All About Automation, Today Digital Transformation Involves Reefining The Business Models, Business Culture And Mentality Of All The People Involve. In The Last Couple Of Years, There Have Been Additional Trends In This Direction. Digitization BM Lists Environment Not So Long Ago, Digital Automation Was About Business Processes And Interactions Within A Company: Its Internal Affairs, Production, Workflow. If It Was Necessary To Make Contact With A Client Or Supplier, An E-mail Was Sent To Him. But Today’s Reality Suggests That Business Processes Transcend Enterprise Boundaries. For Example, A Company Provides An Opportunity For Its Clients And Counterparties To Open A.

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