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Video content ( Source Forbes ) 96 % of online users have watch a video at least once to learn more about products or services ( Source CXL ) New Call-to-action This information demonstrates the strategic support of video in offering immiate quality accurate and detail content. The videos simplify the topics encouraging the audience to assimilate even apparently complex topics thanks to the support of images and animations. This means of dissemination is destin to be increasingly integrat into all elements of B2B digital marketing orient towards lead generation and user loyalty .

Here are some ideas

For seizing the best opportunities offer by video content. Tell the story of the company in an original way Sharing your company’s story such as on your about us page or website homepage gives your audience point Business Database of additional ways to identify your company. Talking about the phases that l to the consolidation of the brand on the market the challenges and opportunities is a way to involve users. Although the textual contents can be very interesting it can happen that they are not read often due to the rush to find the information .

Making a presentation video

Available on the homepage can be useful for at least two reasons the first is link to the attractiveness of the videos which generates a first contact between company and user the second
creation BM Lists of reason is determin by the average time spent on the site which can increase with the presence of a video and improve the positioning of the page . Why add videos to landing pages?

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