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 As regards organic activities on its social mia however 43% of mia planners interview by HubSpot publish content on social channels 22% decid to start publishing social content for the first time 9% want to invest more resources in social activities than any other marketing channel Organic social mia content is list as the second channel with the highest ROI and engagement. Stay updat on the next articles in this column dicat to trends & insights subscribe to the Fontimia blog! When talking about content creat to achieve specific B2B marketing objectives Рsuch as increasing visits to the website clicks on an article or opening an email Рit is important to know how to identify and ride the trends of the moment .

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They are looking for is essential to improving your reputation earning an active role in the target market. Today among the most widespread and effective elements we find videos do you already know their potential and the possibilities of integration? Continue reading the article to find out more! Why are videos essential in B2B marketing? Before knowing in detail how to use B2B videos let’s take a brief reflection on the potential of this tool with the help of some data 18 hours is the weekly average of video consumption by online users

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Planning Report” Today there are many possibilities, because the most popular digital channels can be combined with video hosting, streaming and podcast platforms. How to choose the right channels? The answer lies in one of the first steps recommended by HubSpot in developing a marketing strategy: the creation BM Lists of buyer personas . Who are the customers that the company wants to attract? How (and where) do they consume online content? Do they listen to podcasts? Do they watch the videos?

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