State of Content Marketing Report

The perfect place in which to host a series of contents useful to the target audience because every time a new article is publish an element index by search engines is add which contributes to improving the site’s ranking. Companies that have an internal content team can rely on their own resources but it is also possible to turn to freelancers or specializ content agencies . Search engine optimization statistics 36% of HubSpot “State of Content Planning Report” participants plann optimization blogging and content marketing activities 45% of them indicate SEO techniques as the element with the highest.

ROI among all marketing

 Channels 23% of mia planners plan to include SEO for the first time in the near future; therefore we can expect further growth Social mia If the analysis of buyer personas highlights their assiduous use of social mia before starting to plan a series of posts it is a good idea to delve deeper into a fundamental detail which channel do they prefer? Between LinkIn Facebook Twitter but also Instagram Snapchat TikTok and Pinterest the user base varies quite dramatically both from the point of view of age and objectives; therefore a preliminary assessment helps to meet the right people in the right places.

Social networks then offer

 The possibility of creating sponsor campaigns to be sure to target the most correct and interesting audience segment for the company. Statistics on social mia marketing Sponsor content on social mia is cit as the channel with the highest ROI and level of engagement by mia planners
creation BM Lists of interview by HubSpot they are us by 47% of professionals 14% plan to increase their spending on social mia 25% decid to start sponsoring content for the first time early.

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