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Do they prefer reading blogs and eBooks? Do they let themselves be guid by their network of acquaintances on social mia? The answers to these questions will help you define the correct mix of mia available for publishing content. Let’s now dicate a small focus to each of the most us channels. Email marketing B2B email marketing activities are quite popular also due to the high potential and results in terms of ROI. email content marketing Furthermore with the right marketing automation tools the opportunities to personalize messages by CRM contact segment product buyer’s journey stage and much more increase to increase engagement and ensure they are always relevant.

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The most us channel to convey content in the HubSpot report was email 1 in 2 professionals uses it 22% of respondents plan to use it for the first time in the short term it is the 3rd most profitable channel in ROI analyses SEO Optimizing company web pages to improve their positioning in search engines is an activity that can take a long time but pays off with truly long-lasting results. content optimization.

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Planning Report” Today there are many possibilities, because the most popular digital channels can be combined with video hosting, streaming and podcast platforms. How to choose the right channels? The answer lies in one of the first steps recommended by HubSpot in developing a marketing strategy: the creation BM Lists of buyer personas . Who are the customers that the company wants to attract? How (and where) do they consume online content? Do they listen to podcasts? Do they watch the videos?

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