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Implementing a CRM and a CMS will allow to work towards common objectives, saving time and resources and always having contacts and their purchasing path under control. , we offer you a free demo of the platform , to test firsthand the features of HubSpot CRM and CMS and understand how they can help your company increase business! Book a demo MARKETING AUTOMATION | HUBSPOT CRM | B2B MARKETINGThe numbers extracted from “” us with some interesting trends regarding omnichannel marketing :

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More than 40% of professionals plan to the next period the biggest challenge reported by interviewees concerns defining the correct mix of channels What are the most used channels for publishing and promoting marketing to B2b Email List the content ? (with both organic and sponsored activity), search engine SEO are the answers given by the majority of respondents as the main source of content marketing ROI. Here is the scheme developed by HubSpot based on the answers provided: content marketing Source:

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Planning Report” Today there are many possibilities, because the most popular digital channels can be combined with video hosting, streaming and podcast platforms. How to choose the right channels? The answer lies in one of the first steps recommended by HubSpot in developing a marketing strategy: the creation BM Lists of buyer personas . Who are the customers that the company wants to attract? How (and where) do they consume online content? Do they listen to podcasts? Do they watch the videos?

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