Twitter Analytics Guide Recommended for Beginners

Therefore, Would you like to know your audience better on Twitter? Do you know how it works and why you should use Twitter Analytics in your Digital Marketing strategy? In this guide, I will talk about a fundamental tool to master Twitter like a true professional. It is a guide for beginners and not so beginners, since it includes some of the changes in the tool in 2017 , and therefore, one of the most current that you can find on Google. A couple of weeks ago, I published a Basic Guide for beginners who want to get started with Twitter Advertising – Twitter Ads 2017 that has been well received and some of you asked if.

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Guide with a post on Twitter analytics. So I thought it was interesting to get into this before going on vacation and thus leave you two contents that may be of help to you to company data master this social network professionally. Let’s start from the beginning and the basics: What is a powerful tool provided by the platform, available to all users, and with which we can see a complete analysis of our activity on this social network and measure the results of our actions on it. To dominate a social network, it is not enough to open a profile, publish some content and get many followers. It is necessary to have a well-defined strategy and make complete analyzes of the actions we carry out.

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Therefore, It is so important to know this tool well to gain control of Twitter results and statistics, to be able to make better decisions and improve results in future BM Lists campaigns and strategies. Why should you use the Twitter statistics tool? A question that I am going to answer with several questions and you yourself will decide if you are interested in using this tool or not Would you like to know the interactions your best tweets have had? The engagement of your posts in one place and instantly? Do you know which multimedia content worked best this month? Where is your most active audience located? Know what type of device is most used by your audience? Know the main interests of your followers? And much more..

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