I won’t be able to achieve the same as you

Do you think that physical appearance can influence a person’s potential? Are you one of those who stops yourself from achieving your goals because you are not intelligent, have the level of education or are extroverted like others in your sector? In my post today (the last original until September, it’s time to stop and oxygenate the mind) I want to talk to you about an aspect that I often see out there as an excuse not to fight for our “dreams”. I won’t be able It is a summer post, to reflect on and I hope it helps you return in September with renewed desire…

Precisely three years

Ago I was on this same beach (where I am as I write this post) reflecting on my future. I had finished my degree and was in the process of deciding what direction I would executive data take for my work life. But, as happens to many of us when we finish a race, I had many doubts. Some of them: What would I really like to do? Would you have the capacity to do other things? Without experience, what chances would I have of achieving success in my sector? These were some of the questions that I asked several times that summer and for which I did not find an answer…just more doubts. But I have realized that many times it is we ourselves who set obstacles for ourselves, we “invent” problems.

I won't be able so as

Not to have to face what the future holds for us. Either because we do not feel sure of ourselves or what we can contribute. professionally. Therefore, it seems like BM Lists a good topic to write about. I will tell a little about my experience and what I have learned from that situation. Who knows if you are in a similar situation right now and reading this post may encourage you to return in September with clearer ideas and another motivation. To find out what other people think about these types of issues, I asked a question on Facebook a week ago: “Does physical appearance influence a person’s potential?” And this question has generated a very interesting debate, more than 100 comments with many contributions and different points of view in the answers.

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