Things you should do if you want to be up to date

We are in a time when there is a lot of talk about the need to do different things to differentiate ourselves or have a unique and different Personal Brand. But then, another season arrives and we all do the same and more in this digital environment. This post may not be what you expected when I returned, the truth is. Things you that neither did I, but in these five days I have seen more of the same and I think it was a very interesting topic to debate or reflect on. Do you want to be one more when you return from your vacation? You just have to follow these steps…

Before writing this post

I was creating one about employment and courses that I thought was interesting for this time. But suddenly when doing a “zapping” on Facebook and Linkedin I have executive email list seen some posts from people who more or less repeated what I had witnessed in the previous four days. And a thought came to me… Could it be that the same thing happens in other environments? Returning from vacation would be to come with charged batteries and new ideas, right? And because I have the feeling that in 5 days I will see more of the same, where many of us repeat ourselves and do the same as many others… Well this is just my perspective these days, maybe you don’t see it that way and I think it’s very good that it is so.

Things you agree with these

Points or not, or perhaps you would add others. These are the ones that I have observed the most as repetitive. If you really believe in your BM Lists possibilities, show it, don’t spend. Your days saying that on your social networks and behind you continue as before, without believing in your value. It is very important to believe in ourselves, but that does not come with publications of phrases of that type. You have to truly believe it and for yourself, not for others to see. This is one of those lenses that I have been seeing for several years and now with the rise of video it seems like a plague.

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