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[Need to quote ] Sponsored content ( Content Marketing ) In the last few years of this century, the most famous form of native advertising was sponsored content. The production of sponsored content ( is sometimes abbreviated as “sponcon” [11])involving third parties and management companies or brand companies’ personal relationships and promotional activities teams to reach the above social media.

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 Popular third-party content producer. The media is usually   special data  independent and regarded as an influential person “ trying to promote products. Usually cited as the predecessor of traditional recognition and/or contract advertising; in recent years, sponsored content has undoubtedly become more and more popular on social media platforms, which may be due to their cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and availability of relevant products or products Marketable immediate feedback ability.

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 service. [It is necessary to quote ] the technology often used in traditional sponsored advertisements is the direct and indirect product implantation ( embedded in marketing ). Unlike the technique of embedded marketing to place products in content, in primary marketing, products    BM Lists  and content are combined, while in sponsored content, products, content, and active promotion occur on multiple platforms at the same time.

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