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 [Need to quote ] withTraditional forms of native advertising are different. Sponsored content implies a requirement and desire for transparency, and flourishes in the concept of pre-existing and/or building trust between consumers and content producers, rather than creating a masked online impression, This is a reasonable understanding of content by consumers. An advertisement.

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However, the fundamental motivation for sponsored content is   special data  similar to native advertising, that is, by incorporating advertisements into the original content of the platform to suppress consumer advertising recognition, many consumers are unaware that they are watching advertisements. with.

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Like any other type of native advertising, the content of sponsorship on social media may be difficult to correctly identify by the Federal Trade Commission because of its ambiguous nature. Native advertising often bypasses this net impression   BM Lists  standard, which makes it a problem. [Need to quote ] Types of sponsored content Sponsored video Sponsored video involves content producers/influencers including or referring to services/products within a specific time in their video.

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