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 Until no one wins and all the competitors are “up to their necks.” On the other hand, the differentiation strategy is explained with a statistic that says that 87% of consumers say they are willing to pay more money for a better experience. And the interesting thing is to see that 92% of users are willing to pay more money—in fact, up to 40% more—for a product that generates a positive impact on society. This shows that what is important is not only the product, but the “everything” it implies for the customer. How to Improve.

It encompasses any point of contact

User Experience and Earn Conversions But what is a customer top industry data experience? An experience is absolutely anything that makes your customer feel or think. It encompasses any point of contact, moment or relationship of the user with respect to our brand, from contact in search engines through SEO to face-to-face with a company worker. [Tweet «The experience is anything we make the client feel or think – daniel  marote #PROmarketingDAY.

Which could be summarized in 7 steps

If that experience is positive, we will be getting closer to him BM Lists and his life. But if it is negative, you will look for another option. The customer experience cycle Daniel then continued listing the stages of a customer’s experience with a brand. Which could be summarized in 7 steps. How to Improve User Experience and Earn Conversions Below we will learn more about these phases and how to approach them. 1. Discovery Discovering a product is equivalent to generating that first contact that catches a potential customer .

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