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It is the moment in which your audience realizes that you exist, and you have achieved the first goal: to attract their attention and make them notice you. Precisely for this reason, Daniel stressed that it is the perfect time to capture your client’s curiosity and get them to listen to you. 2. Learning After discovering you as a brand, they need to know more before trusting you. He will investigate you and open his own “satellite dish” to really understand what he can get from you.

The client thinks if it is what they want

 It is vital that, in this phase, you transmit industry email list the message in a clear, concise and differentiating way, through a powerful value proposition. 3. Consideration When they have learned what is necessary to understand the value of your offer, the client thinks if it is what they want, what they are interested in or what they need. At this point your decision-making process begins . 

Compared to what the rest of the market offers

Comparison Here begins the first screening and comparison BM Lists with the rest of the available options . At this moment you should ask yourself a series of questions: What do you offer compared to what the rest of the market offers? What do you have that your competition doesn’t have? [Tweet «Any relational moment we can have with a user is part of the experience – @daniel_marote #PROmarketingDAY»] You must keep in mind that you will.

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