Your Ticket to Product Success

Position yourself in the minds of your audience depending on how your value proposition has penetrated in the previous step. 5.Social As we approach the moment of consumption, the filter becomes more definitive. Once he decides that he is interested in you, he seeks to respond to what his trusted people say about you and your brand. Learning After discovering you as a brand, they need to know more before trusting you. 

Time of consumption Here you have the critical moment

Word of mouth, recommendations, opinions from friends category email list and family… In this phase you can do little. It is your past events that speak for you. 6. Time of consumption Here you have the critical moment, so forgotten in business: the transaction, the experience, the exchange. If you fail here, everything above will have been of no use. EXAMPLE At this moment, Daniel cited an example so that attendees could understand the process well.

Attract their attention and make them notice

Imagine that you get one of your ideal clients to complete the BM Lists previous cycle thanks to your investment in marketing, and enter your store, ready to buy from you. Everything seems to be going well… until the person serving gives him a bad face, doesn’t list is the moment in which your audience realizes that you exist, and you have achieved the first goal: to attract their attention and make them notice you. Precisely for this reason, Daniel stressed that it is the perfect time to capture your client’s curiosity and get them to listen to you.

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