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Competitive Reliable and efficient business processes free up additional resources that can be directe to growth and development. Organization and construction of business processes in the company simplifies customer retention. It’s hard enough to find new customers. Keeping them can be even more difficult. However, maintaining an existing. Return on investment than finding new ones. BPM systems allow you to analyze the company’s history of calls, identify crisis moments and conduct retention operations before the client formulates a request to terminate the contract. Process standardization with BPM. It is very important for a company to have a clear strategic work plan. The practice of BPM helps standardize processes and regulations, as well as improve quality control. Visual business process eitor Improve collaboration between departments.

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BPM helps improve communication between departments. Without organizing and building business processes in a company, different areas of business may not realize how their processes are connecte, which often leads to at all. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of organizing business processes in a company. A well-built business process Special Database management system base on a low-code platform allows you to flexibly respond to changing market conditions and customer nees, quickly make changes to existing operations and carefully monitor the quality of services provide and the efficiency of operations. In a rapidly changing business environment, Low-code BPM systems meet market requirements and are the key to business success and competitiveness.

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To get better acquainte with Comindware’s Low-code BPMS platform, request a product demo by filling out the feeback form on the website.Business 2021: how companies survive the global crisis, and what technologies will prevent it in the future. 03/25/2021 Leaders from tech companies will discuss how small, meium and large businesses BM Lists can grow in unpreceente conditions at the annual Tech Week 2021 Digital Business Conference Tech Week 2021 Has the pandemic accelerate digitalization? How have the priorities of technological development ? Within the framework of Tech Week, businessmen find answers to their questions and learn about the technologies they nee. Tech Week 2021 is a three-day applie conference and exhibition about innovative technologies for business. This year it will be held from 1 to 3 June at the Skolkovo Technopark. 

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