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January  OMG release the version that.  Is still mostly use t BPMN Basic BPMN Graphic Elements A BPMN process is any business process expresse using a notation. Processes consist of elements, each special icon. The elements of BPMN notation  diagram, but also the elements of the business process itself. The notation is base on the following basic graphical elements: Pool and Tracks Actions Gateways or forks Events streams Artifacts In BPMN 2.0, elements are represente by special icons. The creators of this system sought to ensure that the set of icons was comprehensive and provide the ability to visually display the maximum variety of business process.

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Diagrams As a result there are a lot of icons and a complete list can be found in  documentation, which is translate into Russian by members of the Association of BPM Professionals of Russia. Here we will focus only on the basic elements, without which no do. This is enough for a general acquaintance with BPMN and an understanding of the basic Belgium Phone Number List principles of the notation. BPMN elements “Pool” and “Track” BPMN Pool and Track Elements The entire business process consists of pools: a set of operations + persons who perform these operations. For example, the pool will be the entire set of actions for loading goods and sending it to the client. In this case, the so-calle “tracks” are single out which any pool consists of.

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For our example, one of the tracks will be the execution of documents relate to the loading and dispatch of goods, the second track  desire batch on the car and the car’s trip to the client. Both of these paths complement one another, run in parallel, but in general serve to fulfill the same stage of the business process. BPMN Element – Pool Pool Use to mark the boundaries of a business process BPMN Element – Track Track Use to reflect responsible persons and their roles in the process BPMN element “Action” BPMN element ActionAn “action” is a unit of work performe during the execution of a business process. Actions can BM Lists be either elementary (task) or compound (sub-process). There are several types of elementary actions that differ in terms of execution.

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