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Graphical representations for the main types of actions: BPMN Element – Abstract Task abstract task Use to denote a simple action or operation that has no further decomposition within the current business process. BPMN Element – Sub-Process Subprocess include in the process in question. The sub-process is describe in more detail in its diagram. BPMN Element – Process-Reference process-reference Use to refer to one of the most frequently repeate processes. It is worth noting here that modern BPM systems often offer a wider range of action types than BPMN offers. For example, in the business process modeling tool in the.

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Comindware Business Application Platform, you will find graphical elements for several types of elementary actions, as well as built-in cases: BPMN Element – Custom Task Custom task Use to display the task a person is performing. BPMN Element – Script Task Script task.  Use to display the process step, upon reaching.  Which the script is.  Automatically execute. BPMN Element Service.  Call task Service call task Use to illustrate a process step where UK Phone Number List a web service or process. BPMN elements “Fork” or “Gateway” Gateways are elements that define the branching and merging of workflows. BPMN describes 7 types of forks. There are 2 main types: BPMN Element – Exclusive Or Gateway XOR Gateway Use to create alternative process flows or converging control flows. BPMN Element – Parallel Gateway Parallel gateway.

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Use to create parallel paths without evaluating any condition, or for converging flows and synchronizing the parallel branches of a process. The two to build business processes of any complexity. Other types of forks describe in BPMN allow building more compact process  the quality of service. 1. If the client is satisfie, fixing a positive assessment, closing the business process. 2. If the client is dissatisfie, find out the reason. bpmn element gatewayThe further BM Lists scheme can branch out strongly: if the client is dissatisfie with the delivery, then you nee to contact the head of this service; and if the quality of the products, then the next step will be the transfer of the claim to the production department, or escalation (raising the hierarchical level) in order to convey information about such a claim to a higher management. 

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