Complex stages of business processes

Gateways are one of the most critical and. The effectiveness of the entire system.  Largely depends on how competently all the conditions and consequences are written according to the “If … then” principle. BPMN element “Event” BPMN event element “Event” is one of the main elements of BPMN and serves (as oppose to a task, when something should be done). An event can be, for example, the signing of a contract, or a conversation with a client. Event graphic elements in BPMN are classifie End Event End event (ending the business process). In the case of the delivery of goods, the initial event will obviously be the.

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Customer ordea call from the manager to the client with an offer to make a purchase. The final event in such a chain will be the fact of delivery, confirme by the signature of the client. By type of event, the classification is as follows: BPMN Element – Simple Event simple event Represents an untype event. BPMN Element – Message EventBPMN Australia Phone Number List Element – Event-Message2 message event Shows sending or receiving a message. BPMN Element – simulate regular events. Also, the timer can be use to simulate points in time, time intervals and exceeing the time limit.  BPMN Element – Control Flow Control flow The standard flow of control is not affecte by conditions and does not pass through gateway uncontrollable.

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BPMN Element – Conditional Control Flow Conditional control flow It is use to show that further execution of the process will occur on a specific thread only if the specifie condition is met. A diamond at the bottom of the arrow is adde if the conditional flow of control is from a process. The diamond is not adde if the conditional control flow is from a gateway. BPMN Element – Default Control Flow Default control flow It is use when it is necessary to show that the further execution of the process will occur on a certain thread only if none of the specifie conditions is met. BPMN Element – Message BM Lists Flow message flow Use to display inter-process communication – displays the transfer of messages or objects from one process to another process or an external link.

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