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Objects that do not directly affect the execution of a business process. It can be documents, data, information. Main types of artifacts: BPMN Element – Group of Objects Group of objects Use to group graphic elements that belong to the same category and improve the readability of the diagram. BPMN Element – Text Annotation Text Annotation It is use for clarifications to the diagram – comments and explanations that will increase the readability of the diagram. BPMN Elemen business process . The first is the ease of translating diagrams into executable models using a formal business process description language.

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The description of BPMN elements is understandable to most often does not require any additional explanation. Using a simple graphical expression, you can draw up specific regulations that will be followe by employees. Along with the fact that the USA Phone Number List description of the BPMN 2.0 notation allows employees to understand how business processes occur, most modern business modeling tools support this notation, which allows the import of ready-made business process diagrams into BPM systems. Comindware Business Application.  Platformis a modern platform for automating business processes with support for BPMN 2.0 notation, including both the ability to model BPMN processes directly in the platform and import business process diagrams from third-party modeling tools for their further execution in the.

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Comindware system.March 11, a forum for entrepreneurs ROST 02/19/2021 The ROST Forum for Entrepreneurs will take place on March 11 at 10:00 Moscow time in an online format. Content What is GROWTH? Why participate? Who are the speakers? What is GROWTH? Free event for business owners and CEOs; 4  entrepreneurs, business development and scaling specialists; Possibility with the help of case studies and forum topics to overcome the invisible barrier that hinders business growth; Networking. Why participate? The experience and practices of GROWTH speakers will help transform: business packaging; marketing; profit; sales. As a result of participation, you will be able to BM Lists identify the main driver of business growth. Who are the speakers? Dmitry Norka – President of the International Association of Sales Professionals. 

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