A new series of free webinars for e-commerce owners

Currently, the development of the e-commerce industry is largely due to small and medium-sized enterprises, which constitute approximately 99%. all companies in the European Union.

They are the most important element of e-commerce. Over the last few years, they have been responsible for creating approximately 85 percent. new jobs. They have a huge impact on the economy, which is why it is so important to develop technological competences and appropriate education as well as knowledge of the latest trends in order to stand out in today’s competitive e-commerce environment.

In the First Episode of the Series Specialists

Group – an international digital marketing agency that has been setting standards Whatsapp Database in acquiring and converting traffic for 16 years, together with experienced e-commerce market experts, is launching a new  of free educational webinars who will share their knowledge in the areas of e-commerce.

The aim of the educational series is to help you better understand and use the potential of internet marketing in e-business.

According to information from September 2021 on the actual condition of Polish e-commerce, only 1.5% of online stores have a very good financial situation, while as many as 67% of e-stores report a difficult and 8.3% very difficult business condition.

A new series of free Paweł Borowik Vice President of Business Development

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Why is this happening? This question will be answered by experts BM Lists who know the backstage of the industry, having worked in it for over a decade.

In the first episode of the series, specialists: Paweł Borowik – Vice President of Business Development at iCEA Group and Marek Kich – e-commerce and marketing consultant and CEO of Satisfly – a technology company that creates online stores that sell, will focus on the issue of selecting the right platform for e-commerce.

Store, look at the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce platforms and tell you how to choose the best online store engine. Many entrepreneurs who want to develop their e-business are looking for answers to these issues.

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