Currently the Development of the E-commerce

Marek has been helping companies launch and develop e-commerce in the B2B and B2C industries for over a decade, supporting them from the first ideas of starting online sales to scaling sales results. He shares his knowledge in his own podcast “E-Commerce Art”.

Choosing an e-commerce engine is one of those decisions that has great importance for business. Here, both under-investment and over-investment are a mistake. In the first case, we have a brake on sales due to inefficient technology. In the second case, spending a lot of money on something whose potential we will never use.

There are many pitfalls, as well as myths that have grown up around the topic. We need to talk about it because, contrary to various slogans, e-commerce is not an easy way to earn money.

Over the Last Few Years They Have Been

Without proper knowledge, it’s like trying to hit the sun with Whatsapp Number List a hoe , says Marek Kich, CEO of Satisfly.

Certainly, the success of the e-commerce industry depends on the development of small and medium-sized companies that operate on it. Therefore, all innovative solutions created for the SME sector are of great importance for the development of online trade.

Thanks to proper education and knowledge of the latest updates in digital marketing, entrepreneurs will be up to date with top tools that will provide them with a competitive advantage.

They Have a Huge Impact

Conducting effective online campaigns, optimizing the e-store for SEO, selecting appropriate BM Lists tools for the best possible sales results of the online store are the most important challenges related to running an e-commerce business faced by entrepreneurs who want to build a strong brand, recognizable on the Internet and achieve increase in sales volume.

This requires knowledge of the market and tools. The educational cycle that we are starting, in cooperation with industry leaders, will cover all areas of e-commerce, regardless of its stage of development.

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