Custom dashboards to view only the metrics

The less you spend to get more income. The better. To find your roi. You first ne to understand how much you spend on a specific campaign. Then. Use data analytics tools to know how many conversions your campaign had and how much you earn Custom dashboards to from them. From here you can determine how much you earn versus how much you spend. For example. Let’s say you spent $5.000 on a copywriter to write a digital course. In the first month you had 20 buyers of that course. The course costs $800. So. You paid $5.000 but earn $16.000 in the initial month.

You’ll ne to track metrics like traffic

Resulting in a profit of $11.000. If the course Europe Email List continues to sell. Your roi will continue to grow. Define marketing objectives marketing objectives indicate the information to be monitor with analytics. Google analytics and other tools offer several metrics that can be track. Custom dashboards to view only the metrics you ne. Let’s say you want to improve the conversions of a landing page. You’ll ne to track metrics like traffic. Bounce rate. And signups to determine how effective that landing page is at retaining people and encouraging them to sign up.

Rely on your analytics tools as you test

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However. You may not ne to track metrics like social   BM Lists mia shares or customer lifetime value (clv). Marketing analytics 101: using analytics to test and change your marketing marketing analytics is far from a one-time feature. You will ne to constantly refer back to your data to continue improving your marketing strategy. Rely on your analytics tools as you test and tweak your strategies and campaigns. If you use marketing analytics.

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