Eco-Friendly Products: Marketing Sustainability Online

Eco-Friendly The Russian security expert Eugene Kaspersky has spoken out through the magazine. “Focus” against the general ban on unwanted advertising emails. The reason is that such a ban could encourage the mafia to begin its activity in this field. “In the past, organized crime has taken over all the lucrative businesses that were banned. Argues Kaspersky. And as an example he mentions drug trafficking and remembers. The times of Prohibition in the United States.

The Mafia Could Take Over the Spam

A lucrative business. Since otherwise it would not be practiced on a massive scale. In fact, last year the American top people data online server AOL located 500 billion. Spam emails among electronic traffic. Preventing each of its members from receiving 15,000 unwanted advertising emails per year. According to the company, between 75 and 80% was leaked. Security experts also warn of the increase in aggressive computer viruses due to the wave of spam.

In His Opinion

Electronic mailings has increased. On the other hand, macro-viruses have lost importance. The company BM Lists expects several billion worth of damage to occur this year. The ranking of products advertised through spam is led. According to AOL, by Viagra and other derivatives, followed by medications sold online. As well as offers for amortization, training or genital enlargement. 

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