List of ALL Social Networks in the World in 2023 [+100]

List of ALL Social Networks in the World in 2023 [+100]. Social networks are constantly evolving. Some endure, others modify their nature, others die. This article brings together the most important platforms and social networks grouped by categories of the moment. Additionally, in this post you will find some recommendations to get more out of these platforms.

Introduction to social networks

Introduction to social networks. The origin of social networks is marked by the desire to bring people together. Almost a decade before the launch of Facebook, Randy Conrads created in 1995. His idea was to help people reconnect with old classmates from school, kindergarten, etc. The platform has changed significantly and is no longer what it was, but it describes a little the intention of this type of personal networks. Today we can find a multitude of platforms and categories , some of an absolutely personal nature and others with more professional overtones. With the introduction email leads of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) apps have arrived . Communication has become even more effective, because it no longer needs to be accessed through a computer, but is in our pockets.

Social Networks and Platforms by categories

Social Networks and Platforms by categories. Now, let’s go with our selection. The first block will be dedicated to more everyday networks such as personal BM Lists networks, image and photography networks, or video networks. We will also refer to other types of communities, such as forums and the enormous torrent of communication that instant messaging is generating. One of the big differences between traditional marketing and current marketing is that we now face a more distrustful user, who wants to decide, who does not want anyone to sell him anything.

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